• We sponsor children’s education around the world.
  • We help them get their basic health needs met.
  • We help the community grow and become more connected.
  • We teach them about Jesus.
  • We give children hope so they can enjoy the future God has planned for them (Jeremiah 29:11).


We want to totally cover the costs of providing children around the world with the education, meals, clothing and healthcare they would not otherwise be able to afford. We want to help them have a future that promises more for them than they could ever imagine.

You can help make that happen!


HIV claimed Immaculate's dad's life some years earlier, and her mom was living with HIV. She had a job which paid half a dollar per day.

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Your sponsorship dollars go toward giving children practical support that empowers them to fulfill their potential.



Our sponsors contribute to the cost of tuition for children who attend the school's we support. This includes children in primary school and high school. We are currently supporting 100 children in Uganda, with a goal to sponsor 400 by 2018.



Children attending the primary school Sponsorships include providing each student with school uniforms so that they have clean, new clothes to wear.


Medical and Dental

Each child who attends the primary school or high school receives basic medical and dental care, the costs of which are covered by sponsorship. The children and their parents do not have to pay. The healthcare is included in the tuition.



High school students not only attend the school; they live in lodging provided by the school. Your sponsorship dollars help pay for the costs of boarding each child so they can concentrate on receiving a good education.


Huge Ripple Effects

By supporting the school and funding tuition, you are not only helping children learn. You are also helping teachers find jobs and inspiring parents to become more involved in their children’s educational future.

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